Potenciostatos Metrohm Autolab

Metrohm Autolab potentiostats/
galvanostats have been the benchmark for quality, reliability, and durability in electrochemistry for more than two decades.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with instruments, control software, accessories, and know-how for applications at the forefront of electrochemical research.

Metrohm Autolab offers a range of instruments to suit any electrochemical research requirements – ranging from compact, economical instruments to modular systems for full flexibility and multichannel workstations allowing a number of experiments to be performed simultaneously.

Compact Line

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Autolab Compact potentiostats/galvanostats combine a small footprint with great flexibility, without compromising on quality.

  • Compact and economical instrument range designed for dedicated applications
  • Small enough to carry anywhere in the laboratory
  • Full method flexibility through NOVA software


Modular Line

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Autolab Modular potentiostats/galvanostats have been designed for maximum performance and flexibility. Regardless of the application, the Modular Line of instruments will meet any electrochemical research needs.

  • Fully customizable electrochemical workstation with powerful NOVA software
  • Modular and upgradeable with a large variety of options and accessories
  • Generic interfaces to external equipment for method hyphenation


Multichannel Line

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Autolab Multichannel instruments allow you to perform several measurements simultaneously. The instruments’ channels can be controlled by up to three computers.

  • Perform synchronized electrochemical measurements on up to 12 individual cells.
  • Share the instrument with other users and distribute the workload among available channels and users.
  • Combine electrochemical instrument modules with extension modules for full flexibility.


Potenciostato Portátil

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The 910 PSTAT mini is a pocket-size potentiostat for use in training and education and for basic resarch applications. This PC-controlled instrument covers the most important measuring techniques.

  • Cyclic Voltammetry (CV), Differential Pulse Voltammetry (DP), Square Wave Voltammetry (SWV), and Chronoamperometric Detection (AD)
  • Maintenance-free, disposable sensors
  • Operated and powered via USB cable


Autolab modules

Extend the measurable range, include device interfaces, or add new measurement techniques.

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Supplementary products

Interfaces to third-party devices, corrosion cells, rotating disk and ring disk electrodes, and more.

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NOVA and SDK software

Autolab provides a powerful software tool for instrument control and a dedicated software for device interfacing.

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Electrodes for electrochemistry

Find electrodes and electrode accessories for your Metrohm Autolab potentiostat/ galvanostat.

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Corrosion cells

Cells for different sample shapes and sizes for corrosion research.

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Polarographic Stand

Wet-chemical component for polarographic systems.

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Autolab Optical Bench

Light source and bench for studying the electrochemical behavior of photovoltaic cells. Complete with LED driver, bench, and LED covers.

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