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Metrohm Process Analytics has over 40 years of experience with online process analysis.

Metrohm Process Analytics combines Applikon’s expertise in online analysis and the know-how of the world’s leader in ion analysis, Metrohm. This combination has yielded analytical instruments that meet any requirements in the process industry. The product range varies from single-parameter analyzers to the most advanced multiparameter Ex Proof Analyzer for the most hazardous environments. With the NIRSystems Process Analyzers, Metrohm Process Analytics is setting the standard for real-time spectroscopic analysis with unmatched stability and performance.

Our family of Process Analyzers brings laboratory analysis online for continuous monitoring and control.

2035 Process Analyzers

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PA-2035 Process Analyzers overview

The 2035 Process Analyzer family is designed with versatility in mind. This series comes in three different configurations – potentiometric, photometric, and thermometric – which can also be combined with additional measuring techniques such as pH and conductivity. Modularity of the wet part of the 2035 Process Analyzer means there is an analyzer configuration for any challenge.

  • Safe operation in harsh environments with ingress protection IP66
  • Greater accuracy with precision buret dosing technology
  • Automatic calibration with proven auto-dilution technique


Plug and Analyze Series

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PA-Plug and Analyze Series overview

Simply connect to the process and you’re all set – this is the big advantage of the Plug and Analyze series. The systems are precalibrated and programmed and ready to go. With over 20 analytes to choose from, these analyzers are suitable for many different industries. These Metrohm Process Analytics analyzers offer single-parameter monitoring at an attractive price.

  • Dedicated single-parameter monitoring solution
  • Covers ppb and low ppm ranges
  • Colorimetry and ISE measurement techniques available


ADI 204Y – Multifunctional Process Analyzers

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PA-ADI 204Y overview

The 204Y series covers a variety of techniques: from titration, ISE, and colorimetry to voltammetry for trace analysis and CVS for organic additive measurements. This advanced series offers maximum flexibility and can be 100% adapted to your needs. You can operate these analyzers at any location – from a hazardous offshore platform to a drinking water production site.

  • High throughput and flexibility thanks to multiparameter measurements and techniques
  • High uptimes and dependability for uninterrupted monitoring 24/7
  • Sample preconditioning systems to optimize all challenging sample and process conditions


ADI 201Y Series – single method Process Analyzers

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PA-ADI 201Y Series overview

The 201Y Series can be applied in many different industries to analyze and control wet chemical processes. Easy operation and a flexible wet part section make the 201Y series suitable for a variety of applications. Available with titration, colorimetry, or ISE techniques.

  • Robustly designed system with ingress protection IP66/NEMA 4X
  • Automatic calibration and result validation techniques
  • Freely programmable for all measurement and cleaning cycles


TOC Analyzer

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PA-TOC Analyzer overview

The 7010 TOC Analyzer measures Total Organic Carbon in liquid samples ranging from 0–5 to 0–500 mg/L C – and can be extended up to 0–20000 mg/L with an external dilutor. The method conforms to EPA, DIN, CE, ASTM, and NAMUR regulations and meets the requirements of ISO and EN directives. TC (Total Carbon) configuration available for faster response when the inorganic carbon component is insignificant.

  • Separated compartments, protecting the electronics and detector from the wet part
  • Valve-free sample line avoids the risk of blocked valves
  • Integrated air purification, no need for external air treatment and compressed air


NIRS Process Analyzers XDS

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PA-NIRS Process Analyzers overview

Based on NIR XDS technology, the NIRS XDS Process Analyzer belongs to the next generation of process analyzers for real-time analysis. Nondestructive, accurate measurements are performed wherever a product is moving, for instance, above a conveyor belt, web, or sheet.

  • Nondestructive inline near-infrared (NIR) analysis of solid and liquid products
  • Noncontact reflectance measurement directly in the product line, e.g., conveyor belts
  • Different fiber-optic probes for different requirements


NIRS Process Analyzers Pro

Analyze granules, powders, slurries, or opalescent substances directly in the process line without bypass.

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MARGA air monitoring

Official agencies and research bodies worldwide use MARGA to monitor air quality by analyzing gases and aerosols in ambient air.

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